Appointed Positions

Why volunteer?

Volunteering with AMTA is a way to give back to your profession in a meaningful way, and have fun while you’re doing it. In working alongside your colleagues, you will learn new skills along the way and be more informed on the many ways we view our profession and its possibilities.


A great way to test the waters is by joining a committee, volunteering at outreach events, or offering to help set up or clean up after meetings. Here is the current list of AMTA-Georgia Chapter Committees. The Committee chairs are appointed by the president and confirmed by the board. Committee member are selected by the committee chair and approved by the president. Click on them to read the job descriptions.

Standing Committees serve year round.

Ad Hoc Committees serve for a limited time.

Job Description for All Chapter Committee Chairs

  • Operate within the bylaws, policies, programs and Strategic Plan of AMTA and the Chapter standing rules.
  • Act as the representative for the committee.
  • Act as liaison to appropriate National Committee Chair.
  • Supervise and facilitate the work of committee members.
  • Preside over meetings of the committee.
  • Attend all meetings and trainings as authorized.
  • Make recommendations to the Chapter President for Committee member appointments.
  • Responsibly manage allocated funds per AMTA policy.
  • Develop and submit to the Chapter Board, a plan for the upcoming year.
  • Prepare and deliver all required reports, oral and written, to the Chapter board, newsletter chair, website chair, and members.
  • Prepare and submit proposals of the committee to the Chapter board.
  • Maintain orderly records during the term and supply incoming Committee Chair with those records to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Treat proprietary and other confidential information in a responsible manner.
  • Plan a meeting with the past committee chair to discuss past committee goals and obtain all information in possession for the committee.
  • Share pertinent information with Chapter officers and Committee members.
  • Ensure that committee adequately researches and deliberates the issues before it.
  • Be available to receive feedback from the members for input to committee deliberations and to communicate, in an informed manner, information regarding actions of the committee.
  • Identify, cultivate and recruit future Chapter leaders.

If you are interested, contact the chapter president, a committee chair, or the volunteer chair. Or fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a chapter volunteer.

Please fill out the form below and a volunteer will contact you within 3 business days.