Chapter Minutes, Documents, Worksheets, and Forms

Position Descriptions

Below are descriptions of the chapter leadership positions.

Chapter Officers (Elected)

  • President
  • Board Member (2)
  • Secretary
  • Financial Administrator

Delegates (elected)

  • Delegate position description

Chapter Committee Chairs (appointed)

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American Massage Therapy Association – Georgia Chapter Standing Rules
Approved October 15, 2016

I. Meetings

A. Teleconference or Videoconference

1.The Chapter Board of Directors and Committees, may conduct business through teleconference or videoconference.
2. Any participant may request the right to speak by verbally addressing the presiding officer. The presiding officer may request that the individual identify himself by name and position in the organization.
3. Voting may be by voice vote or roll call.
4. The Board of Directors shall make provisions for any interested member to attend.

II. Online Elections

A. Standing Rules for Online Ballot Elections

1. The Georgia Chapter shall hold online elections in accordance with AMTA’s Bylaws and Policy