Elected Positions

Are you ready to move forward to an elected chapter position? Here is some information you will need to make an informed decision. The next online election cycle will begin in December for online elections early next year. The chapter board consists of a president, two board members, a secretary and a financial administrator. The chapter also elects two delegates to the Assembly of Delegates (one for a one year term, and one for a two year term). Chapter board terms are two years and you may click on the positions below to read the position description and eligibility requirements:

Odd years:
Financial Administrator
Board Member

Even years:
Board Member

• AMTA Professional Member in good standing, including Graduate Member
• Signed the Chapter Code of Conduct (CoC) if applying for Board position
• Signed the Delegate Code of Conduct if applying for delegate position
• Have been an AMTA Professional member for at least one year.
• Meet any additional requirements indicated in the position description.

Suggested Qualifications
• Have access to a computer, phone & Internet.
• Can travel for volunteer activities if required
• Can allocate the time required to fulfill responsibilities of the position.
• Can commit to serving the entire term of the position to which I’m applying.

Click on the position to read position descriptions, paying close attention to the eligibility requirements. Open positions and positions elected by the chapter board will also run for the remainder of their terms. You may apply for only one board position and/or one delegate position.