The AMTA-Georgia Chapter Board of Directors consists of the Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and Delegates. Decisions are voted on by the Executive Board in compliance with AMTA Bylaws, Policy, and Chapter Standing Rules. All members including committee chairs and delegates have a voice in those decisions.

Government Relations Chair

Sharon Remaly
(404) 783-8296

The Government Relations (GR) Committee is responsible to act as liaison to the Chapter Board and to the state AMTA members regarding legislative issues related to massage therapy. The Chair represents the Chapter for regulatory initiatives when consulting the Chapter lobbyist. The GR Chair is also the coordinator for lobbyist reports and/or activities of legislative consultants contracted by the Chapter board. She is responsible to ensure that the latest regulatory information is available to the Chapter members via the website and newsletter.


Meeting Planning Chair

Lisa Aspy
(678) 591-5066

The Meeting Planning Committee is responsible for researching, planning, coordinating, and comparing costs of facilities at potential locations for Chapter events. The Chair must consider the needs of the event and coordinate with all respective Chapter members involved in conducting each event. Recommendations will be presented to the Chapter Board or specific committee overseeing the event. The Chair may also assist the board with air travel and hotel arrangements. The Chair will coordinate payments through the Financial Administrator to ensure all expenses are valid.


Membership Chair

Clea Etheridge
(678) 817-2111

The Membership Committee is a vital element of the Georgia Chapter as it facilitates communication between the other committees and serves as a bridge between members and AMTA. The primary goals of the committee are to encourage and maintain membership by promoting the benefits of AMTA and to recruit chapter volunteers. This is accomplished in several ways such as conducting school visits, hosting local Meet-Ups and communicating with members via phone calls, emails and social media.


Online Elections Coordinator
Toni Roberts

The Elections Coordinator is responsible for developing the elections timeline, coordinating with the online elections provider, the call for candidates, and running the running the elections. They verify that each candidate meets the requirements as set forth by AMTA bylaws and Policy and Chapter Standing Rules.




Open Committee Positions

Outreach Chair
The Outreach Committee coordinates community volunteer events. If you know of an event that would be good exposure for our AMTA Chapter please send detailed information to the Outreach Chair for coordination of volunteers.

Awards Chair
The Awards Committee is responsible for searching chapter volunteer lists to identify volunteers who have contributed to our Chapter and are deserving of honor and recognition. He or she will confer with the Chapter officers, chairs, and Committee members to obtain award candidates. The Chair will be knowledgeable of both National and Chapter award criteria and ensure candidates meet the requirements. The Chair will oversee the selection, preparation, and presentation of awards to be given.

Education Chair
The Education Committee is responsible for researching, planning, scheduling, and managing the Chapter’s education activities. The Chair will continuously keep abreast of the members desires for the type and variety of education that best benefits our general membership needs. The education presenter’s qualifications and availability are foremost to our Chapters goals for providing continuing education.

Newsletter Chair
The Newsletter Committee is responsible for developing ideas for articles and pictures for the newsletter. The Chair is the focal point for gathering materials for the newsletter, reviewing, and forwarding it to the contracted layout person. He or she is responsible for coordinating all Chapter inputs, contacting potential advertisers, and overseeing the layout of each newsletter. The Chair will ensure a Chapter Board review of the newsletter proof is accomplished before releasing it to the printer. He or she will coordinate and share any pertinent information with the Web Site Chair.

Website Chair
The Chapter Website Chair maintains the chapter website. If you have a suggestion or comment please send to

The success of our chapter is attributed to our members especially those who volunteer. There are several areas and committees to serve and volunteers are connected to the committee or work group that best suits their interests.

For more information about AMTA-GA and ways to get involved in our chapter or have questions concerning your membership services, please email