State License Renewal:  CE Update: Due October 31, 2020


On August 28, the Georgia Board of Massage (GBMT) Therapy passed an emergency rule variance allowing licensees to take all 24 classes by webinar or correspondence. We can still take them hands-on, but under this rule we will have the option of taking all 24 of them remotely through online learning or correspondence. This will NOT go into effect if or until Governor Kemp approves it.

As of today, Governor Kemp has not yet approved this emergency rule, although he has approved similar rules for other boards. If he does not approve it, we will still be required to meet the 12 hour hands-on requirement.  At the August 28 conference call and in previous GBMT meetings, it was mentioned that we may apply for a rule variance if we have a substantial hardship rather than wait for the governor to act.

For us, this variance means that we are still required to complete all 24 hours this biennium even if the governor approves the rule or we are granted a variance.

Petition for Rule Variance

When applying for a rule variance, be sure to follow the directions precisely.  As noted on the form, your application may be rejected if it is not completed correctly.  Variances are considered on a case-by-case basis. You can download the Petition for Rule Waiver or Variance form by going to the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy and clicking on the Application/Form Download button or download from this link.


Welcome visitors and fellow massage therapists!

Thank you for dropping by.  We are a group volunteers who love massage therapy and who are dedicated to making a difference in the evolution of our profession.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, our board members – Terri Barton, Board Member; Jane Johnson, Board Member; Erika Larson, Financial Administrator; Toni Roberts, Secretary; and myself, Vivian Etheridge, President – can usually respond the same day. Click here for our contact information.

Meanwhile, please browse our calendar for class information and meeting dates.  All massage therapists are welcome.

Good health,

Vivian Etheridge, Chapter President

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