CE Course: TMJ “It Ain’t All In Your Head”

A Full Body Holistic Approach to TMJ -with Cindy Farrar                                           

February 18 & 19
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
CE: 12 hands-on

Tuition Investment: Members: $120 / Nonmembers: $160 

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Sink your teeth into this hands-on class that presents the treatment of TMJ-related pain and tension from a holistic perspective. We will review and address relevant cranial and anteriolateral neck muscles as well as the specific muscles of mastication. In addition, we will explore the fascial lines with an emphasis on the pelvic girdle, diaphragm, and iliopsoas. After receiving the applications presented in this class, your clients will experience ‘jaw-dropping’ session results.

Cindy E. Farrar, LMT, BCTMB, CLC
A massage therapist since 1997, Cindy is the sole owner of her wellness center, Massage Associates of Atlanta, LLC established in 1998. Ever evolving, she has expanded beyond her personal massage and bodywork practice to include becoming a Certified Life and Business Coaching, Certified Qi Gong Instructor, and NCBTMB Approved Provider of Massage and Bodywork Continuing Education. In addition, Cindy brings more than twenty years in massage education to her teaching.
Cindy’s experience also includes volunteer leadership in the massage profession, community service, public speaking, and professional writing. “I am grateful to be afforded the opportunity to live my passions. It is my honor to share them with my clients, students, and communities.”

What Students Are Saying!
“Experienced, sharp, and professional…with heart. You can’t go wrong.”
– Heather Hale, BS, LMT, RN, IHC​

“Cindy is very knowledgeable as well as experienced in her field. Cindy also has wisdom beyond her years.”                                                                                           – Carmel Cooper, LMT

“I was truly engaged. The instructor’s enthusiasm was contagious, and it was ultra-comfortable to participate.”                                                                                   – student class evaluation

“This class, instructor, and content was excellent! I wish all course instructors possessed the same communication skills, cadence, and response-ability to share with participants as Cindy demonstrated today. Thank you, this was well worth my time, and I am grateful to have been able to attend this training on a day I scheduled to be off from work.”
– student class evaluation

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