Why Volunteer with AMTA-Georgia Chapter?



 “to offer to do something that you do not have to do, often without having been asked to do it and/or without expecting payment”



Volunteering with AMTA is a way to give back to your profession in a meaningful, enjoyable way.  In addition to working alongside like-minded colleagues, you will earn new skills and become more informed on the many ways we view our profession and its possibilities.  You will have a voice in our professional evolution.

Chapter volunteering can take many forms, from voting, to committee work, serving on the chapter board, or becoming a delegate to the Assembly of Delegates. Below is a brief description of the levels of becoming involved. involved.

Participant Volunteer

As a participant you can volunteer without leaving your home or office.  You participate in chapter activities by reading chapter newsletters, voting,in chapter elections, or donating to the chapter. You can also directly contact chapter officials with questions or suggestions.

You can participate in government relations Efforts by carefully following guidelines and writing you representatives when asked to.

When you respond to surveys, your chapter leaders can better plan chapter activities tailored to your preferences.

Please join us at a chapter meeting to find our more.

Occasional Volunteer

Occasional volunteering is usually for a day or two and directed at specific events or occasions that may interest you. It can be as simple as helping to set up or take town for a meeting, signing in people for a meeting, or giving seated massage at an outreach event. Working with our members as well as chapter leaders gives you an opportunity to get a sense of your chapter.

In the past, we have looked to occasional volunteers to offer seated massage at the Capitol, ACCG (county commissioners), sports massage (Georgia Games),  Susan G. Komen, and other fundraising events.  When you see a member scurrying around cleaning up after a chapter meeting, it is likely they weren’t asked.  They just pitched in to clean up.  You can, too.  If you’re unsure what to do, just ask one of them.

Appointed Volunteer

Appointed volunteers are the workhorses of the chapter.  They take the steps necessary to meet the goals set by the board of directors.  For more information, click here.  You can become a committee member, join a task force, or become a committee chair. Click here for more information.

Elected Volunteers

Elected volunteers are the planners and directors.  They set goals, approve action and expenses, and guide the volunteers to achieve those goals. Elected volunteers include members of the chapter board of directors and delegates to the Assembly of Delegates. Click here for more information.

If volunteering interests you, contact a board member or use the form below.  We can help you get started.


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